RTK1, RTK2, AD Coworker`s Was It I


RAS / BREED: Australian Shepherd
KÖN / SEX: Tik / Female
FÖDD / DOB: 4 Maj 2015
FÄRG / COLOUR: Svart tri / Black tricolor
HD/ED: Hd: A / Ed: ua / Hips and elbows clear
ÖGON / EYES: clear

ÄGARE / OWNER: Elina Kallio & Mira Pennanen, Finland

Resultat / Results: 
3 godkända rundor i Nybörjarklass RTK1 / 3 qualifying runs in rally obedience first class, RTK1!
3 godkända rundor i fortsättningsklass RTK2/ 3 qualifying runs in second class, RTK2
Bruks/Working Trials:
UHP / AD, 20 km endurance test
2 pris i klass 1 / Second price class 1

Elinas words about Narri:
Narri is easy to motivate and learns super fast. She loves to learn anything! She thinks before she does and speed comes later. She is very owner-centered and doesn’t care about other people. She is quite soft and sensitive, but not fearful and timid. She is calm but gets on working mode in a second.

When herding she is very focused and works nicely for the handler, not by herself. We are training obedience, rally obedience, tracking and also blood tracking, sar and agility. We have done nosework for fun as well.

She loves to play and run around. She is always ready to do whatever and go wherever. She gets along with other dogs, but is not that interested in them.


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